Experience SCUBA diving or snorkeling the way it was meant to be. Two-location charter without the crowded boat full of strangers. Charter our dive boat for up to 20 of your family or friends for your choice of SCUBA diving, snorkeling, swimming, floating, or just a fun escape to get out on the water.

Two-Location Dive Charter Experience

Choose a combination of a two shallow reef dives, two deep wreck dives, or one deep and one shallow, as appropriate to everyone’s certification level. Your choice of experiences! SCUBA dive, snorkel, swim, float, or just spend some time enjoying the beautiful waters of Key Largo.

Learn more about the Key Largo Diver dive boat.

Each Trip Includes:

  • 2 Tanks per diver*
  • Weights
  • Drinks
  • Snacks

Typical SCUBA Trip Packages Include:

  • Double Shallow Reef Dives or
  • Deep + Shallow Dives or
  • Double-Deep Dives (Nitrox Required*)

Deep dives require Advanced Certification.

We strongly recommend that all divers have Dive Insurance.

Please see our policies page.

When booking / reserving with KLDC, you are agreeing to all Key Largo Dive Center Policies.
These policies include:
Cancellations, Refunds, Required Diver Certification, Diver Currency, Check-In Times, etc.
All policy information can be found on our policies page.

*Nitrox tanks are available for an additional $15 per tank.

Florida Keys Blue Star Operator - Committed to Coral Conservation

Full Dive Charter

$1750 / Trip

Up to 20 Passengers.

A trip is a Two-Location Dive or snorkel Experience. Approximately four hours from departure to return.

Morning Departure:

Check-In: 7:45 AM Eastern
Departs: 8:30 AM Eastern

Afternoon Departure

Check-In: 12:45

Departs: 1:30 PM