About the new Key Largo Diver II Dive Boat

Environmentally Responsible, Green, and Eco-Friendly!

The Key Largo Diver II is a 36′ Newton Dive Special custom modified for optimum diver utility and comfort. we operate on a “Green Diver” philosophy and only put 20 divers maximum on our boat in order to reduce diver impact on the reef bio system and to promote an eco-friendly experience. This philosophy creates a natural social distancing for divers, doesn’t assault the marine life like several boats dropping up to 30 divers each on the reef. The Key Largo Diver II creates a premium dive boat experience both above and below the water.

No cattle car overcrowding on our dive boat, the Key Largo Diver II. Plenty of space to spread out your gear and enjoy your dive trip. It features a custom camera table for photographers, extra large camera rinse buckets, plenty of shade, and even two hot water showers on the back deck.

Additionally, the Key Largo Diver II has an low carbon footprint, an eco-friendly, single, high efficiency diesel engine vs two engines that have higher carbon emissions, and we use environmentally friendly bio-diesel fuel when available; because we care. We operate the Key Largo Diver II at a reduced speed which is safer for sea turtles and other marine life and results in lower emissions and lower fuel burn.

To further enhance your enjoyment, the Key Largo Diver II has two Divemasters on board, one dedicated for divers and the other for snorkelers. The Divemaster’s duties, in addition to ensuring safety, are to promote a “green” experience. They will guide you around the reef or wrecks and promote an eco-friendly experience by pointing out marine life and insuring that you get the most out of your dives. If you choose to be independent, you and your buddy can dive without the Divemaster.

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Key Largo Diver II Dive Boat

Ready to experience our new Key Largo Diver II Dive Boat in action? Take a look at our SCUBA Diving and SCUBA Diving Charter Opportunities below!
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