Experience two fabulous Key Largo dive locations in one of the SCUBA Diving Capitals of the World.

Our new dive vessel, the Key Largo Diver II, is a 2021 Newton Dive Special. Built for diving and snorkeling, it is comfortable and stable. It features two hot water showers on the back deck for rinsing off after your dive or snorkel.

Would you like to have a more private experience? We have SCUBA Diving Charters available.

Two-Location Dive Experience Trip

A trip package is either a morning or an afternoon Two-Location Dive Experience. All of our shallow locations are suitable for snorkelers too.

Check-in times will be given upon booking.

We are unable to book lone divers unless we have other passengers scheduled on the same trip.

Typical SCUBA Trip Packages Include:

  • Double Shallow Reef Dives or
  • Deep + Shallow Dives or
  • Double-Deep Dives (Nitrox Required*)

Deep dives require Advanced Certification.

We strongly recommend that all divers have Dive Insurance.

Please see our policies page.

Snorkel Trips include two snorkel locations including a Divemaster to monitor you while in the water. Snorkel trips are only offered on our shallow water dive locations.

Snorkel Price: $65 Per Person.

Snorkel Gear Included.

Two Locations

Scuba: $95 Per Person

Complimentary Divemaster Included

Full boat charters include two complimentary Divemaster Dive Guides, one dedicated to divers and one for snorkelers.

Each Trip Includes:

  • 2 air tanks* per certified diver
  • Weights

We have rental gear available.


When booking / reserving with KLDC, you are agreeing to all Key Largo Dive Center Policies.
These policies include:
Cancellations, Refunds, Required Diver Certification, Diver Currency, Check-In Times, etc.
All policy information can be found on our policies page.

*Nitrox tanks are available for an additional $12 per tank.

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