Dive “Green” with the Key Largo Diver

Summer has arrived and it' time to get back in the water. It's not too late to think about "Diving Green" with the Key Largo Diver this season.

While other dive boats can drop 30 or more divers on a single dive site, The Key Largo Diver only puts 6 divers in the water with our Full-Charters. Think about the impact on the reef when you compare 30 divers to 6. Low environmental impact, minimal footprint, and eco-awareness is what the Key Largo Diver is all about. We are proud to be designated a NOAA Blue Star Operator "Committed to Coral Conservation." The fish appreciate it, the corals appreciate it, and the ocean appreciates it.

Most of our dives are conducted within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Federal regulations prohibit the touching, taking, damaging, or other disruptions to the fish, corals, turtles, and other wildlife within the Sanctuary. Key Largo Dive Center is a NOAA Blue Star member and as such we advise our divers on low impact diving guidelines in order to minimize their effect on this sensitive sanctuary.

The Key Largo Diver uses only a single high-efficiency diesel engine. Most larger dive boats that have two engines, burn twice as much fuel, and have a negative environmental impact. We use bio-fuel whenever it’s available. Nature is sensitive to human impact, let's all do our part to minimize this impact every opportunity we get.

Go Green! Call us at (305) 451-5844 or email Scuba@KeyLargoDiveCenter.com to schedule your summer dive charter on the Key Largo Diver. We're taking reservations for dive boat departures beginning June 1st including Lobster Mini Season in July.

Dive Safe, stay alert, keep learning and stay proficient.


Captain Larry Toigo
Key Largo Dive Center
NAUI Instructor Trainer
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

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