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Open Water Diver Course:    $495

The 3-day Open Water Diver Course is your first step in scuba diver certification. Once certified it allows you the freedom of diving without an instructor. Our course includes PADI E-Learning, pool training session, four open water training sessions, instructor fees, boat fees, pool fees, certification card fee, Open Water Diver student logbook. Students must purchase their own dive mask, fins, and snorkel plus personal safety equipment including dive shears or knife and a surface signaling tube (safety sausage).  Rental equipment is not included in the course tuition. Course Deposit $200.

2016 Open Water Diver 3-Day Course Offering Dates:

July 19-21,

August 14-16

Sept 3-5 (Labor Day Weekend), Sept 23-25

Oct 14-16, Oct 22-24

Nov 4-6, Nov 11-13 (Veterans Day Weekend), Nov 25-27 (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Dec 2-4, Dec 9-11, Dec 27-29, Dec 29-31

Advanced Open Water Diver Course:     $495

This is the next certification level after Open Water Diver. It includes advanced training in topics such as underwater navigation, deep diving (100′), wreck diving, peak performance buoyancy, and more. Course includes PADI E-Learning or PADI Course Workbook, five open water training sessions, instructor fees, boat fees, and certification card fees. Course length 2 days.  Deposit $175. Prerequisite: Open Water Diver Certification.

2016 Advanced Open Water Diver 2 Day Course Offering Dates:

July 20-21

August 15-16

Nov 5-6, Nov 12-13, Nov 26-27

Dec 3-4, Dec 10-11, Dec 27-28, Dec 29-30, Dec 31-Jan 1.

Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver Course: $240

Successful completion of the EAN Diver Course, commonly referred to as the “Nitrox” course, certifies you to dive with oxygen enriched air which provides many benefits to a diver. The greatest benefit is a reduced surface interval. No dives are required for this course. Either complete it via E-Learning or complete the workbook and view the video at our Dive Center. After academic training you must demonstrate to your instructor the proper procedure to analyze the oxygen content of an EAN cylinder and how to program your dive computer for enriched oxygen content. Prerequisite: Open Water Diver certification. Required items: Dive Computer with Nitrox capability.

Course Offered as needed. Call for reservation.

Referral Open Water Diver Training:    $425

This training is for Open Water Diver students referred to us from another dive center to complete their four open water dives. Students must have successfully completed E-Learning and pool training and have approved PADI Referral documents endorsed by their instructor. Course includes a confined water evaluation plus four open water dives with an open water instructor. Course length is 2 or 3 days. Does not include certification card fee of $35 due upon successful completion of all training. Course deposit $200.

2016 Referral Course 2-Day Offerings:

July 20-21

Aug 15-16

Sept 4-5, Sept 24-25

Oct 15-16, Oct 23-24

Nov 5-6, Nov 12-13, Nov 26-27

Dec 3-4, Dec 10-11, Dec 27-28, Dec 29-30, Dec 31-Jan 1.

Refresher Training: Pool Session Only: $119.

This is an instructor led course that will help you regain your scuba diving confidence and skills. See our diver currency requirements on the “Boat” tab. The pool session is approximately 1-2 hours. Must be scheduled in advance. Deposit $75.

Discover Scuba: Pool Training plus 2 Location Reef Dive w/Instructor $239 

For guests who wish to explore underwater with Scuba under the direction of an instructor without obtaining a scuba certification. The curriculum includes a short classroom video, an instructor led pool session which introduces you to the basics of scuba gear and basic scuba diving skills. After the pool session you have the option of joining your instructor on the dive boat for a two-location guided dive on the world famous reefs of Key Largo. Hopefully after your experience you will be motivated to enroll in an Open Water Diver Certification Course. The Discover Scuba Course includes pool fees, boat fees, instructor fees, and rental gear fees. Deposit $50.

Emergency First Responder $150

A classroom session which meets the First Responder training required by many agencies and for Rescue Diver candidates. Includes CPR training. No dives included.

Rescue Diver Course $499

Probably the most valuable Scuba course that you will ever take. Trains you to properly respond to diver emergency situations and makes you a more confident and skilled diver. The course length is 3 days and includes several pool and boat training sessions, instructor fees, and course materials. Deposit $200.

Wreck Diver or Deep Diver Advanced Specialty Course  $499

These two Advanced Specialty Courses include four open water dives (2 dives day one, 2 dives day two), instructor fees, course manual, and certification fee. Successful completion earns you the respective Wreck Diver or Deep Diver Advanced Specialty Diver card. Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water Diver certification. Required equipment: Dive Computer, Surface Signaling Tube (safety sausage), and a dive knife or shears. Deposit $150.

Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty Course $399 (1 day course).

Learn the basics of Digital Underwater Photography. Soon you will be taking photos that will amaze your friends and provide memories of your great adventures underwater. This specialty course includes two boat dives, instructor fees, dive camera rental, and E-Learning course. Course price includes: Two boat dives (one boat trip) with a photo instructor, Digital Underwater Photographer Online (eLearning), and Digital Underwater Photographer certification card processing fee. Use your underwater camera or complimentary rental of ours. Minimum age 10 years. Course deposit $150. Prerequisite: Open Water Diver Certification.

Adventure Dives: One boat trip, 2 dives for $199

After completing your Open Water Diver certification your next training level is Advanced Open Water Diver. The advanced open water course consists of five Adventure Dives. If you decide to break up the adventure dives we can offer them to you in pairs of two. Note that in the AOW course, you will complete 5 Adventure Dives on two different boat trips (3 on one day and 2 on the second day). Unlike the AOW course these adventure dives are priced as 2 dives for $199.  Includes Adventure Dive Logbook endorsement. Select your two Adventure Dives for $199. Includes instructor fees and dives. Prerequisite: Open Water Diver Certification. Required Equipment: PADI Adventures in Diving Manual, dive shears, surface signaling device (safety sausage). Certain Adventure Dives require additional equipment. Deposit:

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